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Dallas Cowboys Roster Overview: Wide Receiver

Wide Receivers
Players - Roy Williams, Miles Austin, Dez Bryant, Same Hurd, Kevin Ogletree, Jessie Holley, Manny Johnson

Roy Williams
Contract Status - 2011 Base Salary: $5,109,971 Million, Signed through 2013
Date of Birth - 12/20/1981
2010 Stats - Played in 15 games, 37 Receptions, 530 Receiving Yards, 14.3 Average Yards per Reception, 5.8 Average Yards after the Catch, 2 Receptions of over 40 yards, 25 First Down, 5 Touchdowns, 3 Fumbles

Individual Analysis - Roy Williams started off the season fairly well or at least better than he's previous years in Dallas. But once Romo went down with the collarbone injury, so did his production. I, like many I'm sure, was pretty surprised by that because backup Quarterback Jon Kitna is Roy's guy. I believe he's underachieved for far too long and he might not get much better, which would make him a monumental bust. I think Jerry wanted him more than Garrett did. On the outside, it appears as though the relationship between Garrett and Roy isn't very good. Roy called out the offensive scheme and the play calling(which is Garrett) on more than one occasion. To me, it just doesn't seem like Roy cares much. He had the reputation of not working hard when he came here and while there have been reports that claim that he works as hard as anybody in Dallas, it just does not show up for whatever reason. Part of that has to do with Garrett, I believe. I don't think Garrett uses Roy correctly and Roy seems to be running at half speed. To make matters worse for Roy, he's got three other players who are better/more dangerous and consistent pass catchers on his team.(Austin, Bryant, and Witten)

Roy will be making about $6.8 million in base salary over the remaining three years of his contract, but still I believe you've got to keep him for at least one more year. You've got too much invested, there is potential there for him to put up some good numbers, age isn't a factor, and releasing him causes some depth issues at Wide Receiver. Still, this has got to be the biggest error on the Cowboys' roster when you compare the contract to the production.

Roster Spot - Safe

Miles Austin

Contract Status - 2011 Base Salary: $8.54 Million, Signed through 2016
Date of Birth - 6/30/1984
2010 Stats - Played in 16 games, 69 Receptions, 1,041 Receiving Yards, 15.1 Average Yards per Reception, 6.4 Average Yards after the Catch, 2 Receptions of over 40 yards, 50 First Down, 7 Touchdowns, 1 Fumble

Individual Analysis - It seems like there's a common theme among Cowboys players. They play well to get a contract and then once they get it, their play declines. Fortunately, Miles wasn't that bad last year. In fact, he was pretty good. He finished with over 1,000 yards and he's a dangerous player when he has the ball. But still, you'd like to see more yards and some more touchdowns. He didn't have nearly as many big plays as last year, but he still poses a threat regardless. He's just a ball player. He plays to the whistle and goes about things the right way.

Roster Spot - Lock

Dez Bryant

Contract Status - 2011 Base Salary: $1,112,500 Million, Signed through 2014
Date of Birth - 11/4/1988
2010 Stats - Played in 12 games, 45 Receptions, 561 Receiving Yards, 12.5 Average Yards per Reception, 4.7 Average Yards after the Catch, 3 Receptions of over 40 yards, 27 First Down, 6 Touchdowns, 0 Fumbles

Individual Analysis - Dez came in, suffered a high ankle sprain in training camp, and missed every preseason game. That's pretty big for any rookie, but for a receiver, who's learning curve might be the biggest there is coming from college, it's huge. Still Bryant performed about as well as could've been expected. He's physically everything you could possibly want in a receiver. He's got the speed, the hands, the body control, the ball control, the run after the catch ability, elite return skills, and the competitiveness to be an elite receiver. New Wide Receivers coach, Jimmy Robinson will be the best thing that every happened to Dez. If he can stay injury free and keep his head on straight, which means, A) Keep Garrett and Robinson in his earn and not Jerry, and B) Make sure he learns from Miles, not Roy, Dez WILL be a star.

Roster Spot - Lock

Sam Hurd

Contract Status - 2011 Free Agent
Date of Birth - 4/24/1985
2010 Stats - Played in 15 games, 14 Receptions, 120 Receiving Yards, 8.6 Average Yards per Reception, 5.1 Average Yards after the Catch, 0 Receptions of over 40 yards,11 First Down, 0 Touchdowns, 0 Fumbles

Individual Analysis - Sam Hurd is probably one of the smartest players on the team. He knows every receiver spot on the team. And he's definitely one of the teams top Special Teams player and that's how he's stuck around for the last 5 years. I like him as a player. He'll do anything you ask of him and he's a fighter. He'll make acrobatic catches, block for you, and go up for the ball. Problem is, he very limited athletically. I think he could carve out a decent role on a team. Unfortunately, it might not be this one. His role on this team is heavily Special Teams based. He wants a role in an offense and I don't blame him. I'd like to have him, but unless the Cowboys offer him a decent contract, he wont be back.

Roster Spot - Up in the Air

Kevin Ogletree

Contract Status - 2011 Base Salary: $480,000, 2012 Free Agent
Date of Birth - 8/5/1987
2010 Stats - Played in 6 games, 3 Receptions, 34 Receiving Yards, 11.3 Average Yards per Reception, 2.7 Average Yards after the Catch, 0 Receptions of over 40 yards, 2 First Down, 0 Touchdowns, 0 Fumbles

Individual Analysis - Ogletree had his role reduced after Dez Bryant arrived last year, but I think he's a decent 4th receiver in my eyes. He's extremely quick in and out of his breaks, but does he have a firm grasp on how to play the game? Can he get off the jam? And there's only so many balls to go around. The Cowboys try to insert him into the Special Teams, but he isn't anything special.

Roster Spot - Up in the Air

Jesse Holley

Contract Status - 2011 Base Salary: $385,000, 2012 Free Agent
Date of Birth - 1/8/1984
2010 Stats - Played in 12 games, but didn't record any stats.

Individual Analysis - "Mr. 4th and Long" was used as strictly a Special Teams player in 2010 and he wasn't too bad at it. That alone could buy him a few years on the roster and allow him to develop his skills as a receiver. The thing is, he's already been here a few years, so time is running out. I think he'll really have to compete for his job in training camp. And if it's close, the younger player is going to get the nod. 

Roster Spot - Gone

Manny Johnson

Contract Status - 2011 Base Salary: $405,000, 2012 Free Agent
Date of Birth - 10/14/1986
2010 Stats - Played in 2 games, 1 Receptions, 6 Receiving Yards, 6 Average Yards per Reception, 1 Average Yards after the Catch, 0 Receptions of over 40 yards,0 First Down, 0 Touchdowns, 0 Fumbles

Individual Analysis - I haven't seem Manny Johnson play very much as his only action was one catch during the regular season and Preseason. He's a developmental receiver, with a low base salary. He might stick on the practice squad for another year if nobody better comes along and the coaches like his potential.

Roster Spot - Up in the Air

Group Analysis - The arrival of new Wide Receivers Coach Jimmy Robinson and the return of Tony Romo will make the passing game more efficient. Miles Austin and Dez Bryant are both explosive receivers who can turn a 10 gain into a 50 yard gain. Roy Williams on paper, should be a good possessive receiver. Whether things actually fall into place for him, well that remains to be seen. I'd bet against that at this point. Sam Hurd will probably leave via Free Agency. And Kevin Ogletree, Jesse Holley, and Manuel Johnson need to continue to improve. Don't be surprised if those three are not here week 1.

Position Grade - B

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